2016 Benny Awards


Your support has made this year’s BENNY Awards a success. We look forward to seeing you next year!


About the B.E.N.N.Y Awards

BENNY is an acronym for Black Entrepreneurship and Networking Need You. Each year, we set aside a special time to honor our leaders and acknowledge minority business owners among our ranks.


As Champions of Diversity, we want you to get a seat at the table — start with ours.

This year, we are proud to “Champion Diversity” in the minority business community. Helping us to lead the charge is our luncheon Keynote Speaker Fred Keeton, of Keeton Iconoclast Consulting.  Keeton is the former Chief Diversity Officer of Harrah’s Casinos in Las Vegas — his work in the corporate and business world for diversity training is heralded nationwide.

The BENNY Awards will hold a special honor for our champions of diversity: Mr. Gary Shorb and Mr. Luke Yancy.  As they both look to retirement after their many respective years of leadership, they stand as sterling examples of how to be PROACTIVE, INTENTIONAL and INCLUSIVE.




Selecting the right franchise to invest in and operate can be tricky. Kevin Hicks, Principal of Blackman & Associates, answers your questions on how to score funding to secure your very own franchise opportunity. 

The Solution Series, a USBC component of the BENNY Awards Luncheon, is an annual workshop on “Access to Capital” – this year’s workshop, conducted by Kevin Hicks, is in support of diversity and inclusion in the minority business community. Finding capital for franchising or recognizing the right opportunities, can be a challenge for the minority small business owner. Don’t let a lack of access or knowledge about capital be an obstacle. Register for the workshop today – seating is limited.

Register for the workshop today – seating is limited.