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There is a model for doing business successfully in America. There are other models as well. But some very bright Americans have studied what works. This is one perspective of what a successful business person takes into account as he develops his business:





This is what Tom Peters and Bob Waterman determined and advanced in their book, “In Search of Excellence” way back in 1982. It works. Some have called this the best business book ever written. The concepts are true.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without customers, there is no basis for doing business. Keep them happy. Adopt a slogan, “The Customer is King.”

Innovation (technological) from tracking inventory to collecting receivables to promoting your brand to marketing, technology can make a great difference without carrying a great cost. Use technology (including social media) to make your business more productive, more efficient, more profitable.

People are the persons who work with you as teammates and employees. (Notice, you’ve never heard Fred Smith talk about his employees. He speaks of his “Teammates.” ) When you make good decisions with regard to who will play on your team, you’re headed to the Hall of Fame.

Leadership is You. “Leadership is knowing what to do next; knowing why that is important and knowing how to bring the appropriate resources to bear on the need at hand.”
– Bobb Biehl

YOU are the leader for your business. Study leadership.


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