President’s Message

2007-08-21 14.54.35LEADERSHIP

Leadership is a subject/topic I have been studying like Jiminy Cricket for some years now.

Truth is, “Everything rises or falls on Leadership.” -John C. Maxwell

“Leadership is: Knowing what to do next; knowing why that is important; knowing how to bring the appropriate resources to bear on the need at hand.” Bobb Biehl

Leadership is a subject that has demanded a great deal of attention over the last thirty five years or so. Prior to the 1980s, I do not know that there was a curriculum, where the subject of Leadership was listed as a Major course of study. Interestingly, Entrepreneurism was not a subject taught at the major business schools in the 1980s as well. But, as Dr. Maxwell noted, “Everything rises or falls on Leadership.” America took notice.

Now we have Curricula developed around Leadership and around Entrepreneurism. This could be called a paradigm shift or much needed progress. I am personally persuaded that the best Leaders are those who have been developed and taught the laws and qualities of, “Principle Centered Leadership.” Interestingly, Principle Centered Leadership is the title of a book written by Dr. Steven Covey. Napoleon called a leader, a “Dealer in Hope”.

“True leadership is about raising the hopes, calming the fears, firing the imagination and strengthening the resolve of real people.” -Frederick W. Hill EVP Marketing & Communications J.P. Morgan Chase. Address to Black Harvard Business School Alumni Association 10/10/03