Driven to succeed in the trucking industry: Meet Niki Brown

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Meet the woman behind Express Logistics and the upcoming full-day training “From Driver to CEO” — a dynamic event that asks:

Who's driving your business while you're driving your truck?”

Niki Brown wears many hats: Entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and public speaker — all in the transportation and financial services industries. She and her husband operate their own trucking company, founded in 2004. 

In an effort to help drivers transition in becoming business owners and offer added value to her customers, Brown began offering consulting services in the areas of transportation and logistics, business development and business credit.  She is also an Independent Business Owner with Financial Education Services where she currently serves as a Regional Sales Director.

Brown focuses on educating both consumers and business owners about financial literacy as well as the importance and benefits of having a favorable credit score to succeed in life and business. Besides spending time building and growing her companies, Niki enjoys spending time with her husband, four children and three grandchildren.

Interested in learning how to manage your own trucking business? Want to know what it takes to be a Freight Broker? Let Niki Brown lead the way! Her company is currently offering a full-day training session to show you the ropes, this Saturday, September 15 from 8am - 5pm.

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