President's Message: Getting what you need in the new year

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In 2019..

..get past “just enough,” and strive for “growth” in the new year

So many times I have witnessed businesspersons borrow far too little money to be successful.  Often, they borrow just enough to get their doors open. They do not give any consideration to advertising and promotions, working capital and such matters, which are foundational to sustaining the business model for the first many months.  Subsequently, they fail and wonder why.

If you only borrow enough to open your doors and have no plan to develop the "Cash flow" necessary to sustain monthly operations, you are pretty much doomed.  These matters are addressed through a "Sit Down," with professionals like Mark Yates and me.  We will provide an extensive, "Opportunity/Needs Analysis" of/for your business and only ask questions to help you determine exactly how much you need to adequately fund your business  operation. 

In the absence of meeting with us, please review an article from American Express titled “How to Determine How Much Money You Need When Getting a Business Loan,” which discusses a format for determining how much you'll actually need to adequately fund your business operation.  Wishing you much success.

As always, I’m here to help you WIN!