Skyn Boudoir: A Black and woman-owned product of protection

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It can happen in the blink of an eye. Leaving your drink open for even the slightest moment, no matter if it’s the club or your friendly neighborhood bar, is long enough for someone with ill intentions to spike it.

This scenario is all too familiar to Rayna Rufus, who created Skyn Boudoir to offer stylish and functional glassware covers to prevent incidents like these from happening and empowering others to protect themselves in public settings. Rufus is one of the newest members of the Black Business Association of Memphis, and she represents a sector of impassioned black proprietors on a mission to serve through her business.

“The rape drug is a very criminal act. It’s severe. The repercussions behind it impacts our lives. This is a very important tool for me,” said Rufus as she talked about her protective coverings’ role in preventing spiking from happening. “And Skyn Boudoir itself came from a place of privacy, from a quiet place. The word Skyn means ‘a covering’ or ‘nurturing’. So Skyn refers to this glass skin.”

Protection and empowerment are huge motivators for Rufus, who is on a quest to make her coverings available to groups most at risk of drink spiking: college students on campuses, nightclub patrons and a growing number of people who may not think drink spiking can actually happen to them. The statistics have shown it certainly can, but Skyn Boudoir is one of a number of businesses oriented in helping to fight this widespread problem.

The fashionable and functional coverings Skyn Boudoir has to offer come in a variety of styles and sizes: from your typical wine or martini glass to tumblers and even beer mugs!

Visit Skyn Boudoir at to see all that Rayna Rufus has to offer, and as always, use this as an opportunity to support another great black-owned business on a mission to protect and empower others!