Top reasons you should certify your small biz


Is your business certified?

The City of Memphis Office of Business Diversity & Compliance offers free certification for small, minority/diverse, and women-owned businesses. If you are reading this newsletter, you are likely eligible for certification!

So why wait? Learn some of the benefits, and open yourself to the possibilities that come from official certification with the city.

Benefit #1:

Certified small, minority/diverse and women owned businesses have increased access to information and training, and more opportunities to win city contracts. Certification gives a leg up to small businesses working in the private sector as well!

Benefit #2:

Free certification through the Office for Business Diversity and Compliance helps eliminate barriers to doing business with the City of Memphis.

Benefit #3:

Certified businesses are always up-to-date on the latest required skills, capacity and qualifications to perform the job.

Benefit #4:

Certification can add money to your bottom line by increasing marketing opportunities. How so? The marketing edge will help you attract more clients, big or small!